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Lawrence High School

LHS Lions Pride!  Pre-purchase this limited run of LHS Spirit Wear

*This store will be open to accept orders until 2/1/18 until midnight.  NO LATE ORDERS.  You will be notified when shirts arrive at LHS and are  available for pick up, before Valentines Day.

Team Grit

No one fights alone!  Help Free State Spirit Squad support the Henderson family!  Fellow coach, teacher and friend, Nolan Henderson and wife Laura’s, infant son has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  This will be a life changing year in the Henderson family with thousands of miles driven and living in a new surrounding away from family and friends.  While they have been blessed to be accepted in St Jude’s program which will cover the majority of the medical procedures done at their hospital, there are still many unexpected costs. All proceeds from t-shirts sales will benefit the Henderson family.

*This store will be open to accept orders until 2/5/18 until midnight.  Sorry, no late orders.  You will be notified when shirts arrive at Free State and are  available for pick up, before Valentines Day.

Ollie Strong

We have had a lot of outreach for wanting shirts to show community support on our journey for Justice for Ollie, so we have come up with this shirt as a way for everyone to do just that! Thank you again for all the love, prayers, and continued support! With love and appreciation, The Ortiz Family.

*This store open until 1/23/18, shirts will be printed that week.  Your orders will be distributed by Kaylen Ortiz shortly after.

Lawrence Skater’s Association

Lawrence Skaters Association (LSA) is skater founded and skater run organization advocating for the skateboarding community of Lawrence, KS. For over a decade. LSA has organized numerous fundraisers, supported local video premieres, assisted in the development and upkeep of area Skateparks all while continuing to function as an information platform for area skateboarders.

Following the 2016 demolition of the Riverside DIY Skatepark in East Lawrence LSA began working with the City of Lawrence and Lawrence Parks and Rec. to develop a co-operative relationship. Citing the expressed need for a skatepark on the east side of town LSA has worked with the city to identify Edgewood Park as the ideal location for Lawrence’s first sanctioned DIY Skatepark.

Funds raised through the sales of LSA merchandise will go directly towards the development, promotion and construction of the DIY site at Edgewood Park. True to DIY form, all designs and builds will be done by area skaters. Keep your eyes peeled for the first build dates and kickoff party coming in Nov. of 2017. You can follow Lawrence Skater’s Association on FB and Instagram @LSK_KS

*These shirts are already printed and can be picked up as soon as they are purchased.

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